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JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 350
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JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 350 folding version

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 350

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JumpSport Model 350 is no-folding mini trampoline (rebounder) which is most commonly used as professional rebounding equipment in gym`s across the globe.

Maybe this mini trampoline is not one of the cheapest and for everyone`s pocket, but if you do choose it you will not be sorry. We guarantee that!

Weight limit: 250 lbs (115 kg)

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Product Description

Are you into low-impact & shock-absorbing workouts? Then mini trampoline is right thing for you! And with JumpSport model 350 you will not make bad decision.


JumpSport with it`s models, and there is plenty of them, is a long time market leader when it comes to mini trampolines. Model 350 of their fitness trampolines follows same recipe – great looks, quality & sturdy frame, fantastic A grade Permatron mat (Permatron is considered by far as best jumping mat when it comes to trampolines), elastic bands which are certified to over two million bounces, and everything with unbeatable warranty. That is what makes JumpSport 350 rebounder as great choice if you are into that kind of workout.

And that`s not all, JumpSport 350 mini trampoline comes with Basic 4-in-1 Workout DVD to help you get started.

Ratings? We can give only 5* to this product.

JumpSport MIni Trampoline model 350 Specifications:

Weight limit: 250 lbs.
Frame: 39-inches in diameter
Mat material & dimensions:Permatron mat, 32.5-inches of total jumping surface
Type & Number of springs:30 elastic bands, 3 custom adjustments of firmness possible
Included handlebar? No
Warranty:Residential Use Warranty:

- Steel Frame & Legs – Lifetime
- Mat – 5 years
- EnduroLast 3 Elastic Cords – 3 Years
- All other components – 1 year
Additional info:Included 4-in-1 DVD

Specs source: Best mini trampolines

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