Supplements To Gain Muscle Mass

Supplement Stack is a known name in the circles of people who are more serious about building muscle. However, this concept should not be tied exclusively for them, but should find it`ss place among outdoor enthusiasts and all those who would like to “just a little more” muscle – for the beach!

Then what does the term “supplement stack” mean? It involves several supplements that are combined during the specified time period. Each of them doing their part, and the combined action leads to a specific target, in this case to building muscle mass. Never one term often mentioned, and that is “synergy”. It is a synonym for any associated effects of multiple components, which results in the achievement of a specific goal.

You will not be talking about specific products of certain companies, but I will try to summarize the types of supplements that mandatory should be represented in supplementation regime to obtain muscle mass. First of all, it should be recalled that all of the above “work” only if we generally have a balanced diet and adequate training with weights.


To get the most from a combination of supplements, with a selection of types of supplements that will be included in the combination, it is very important and the timing of when we will enter one of these supplements. The error in timing will very likely result in a failure to act a certain supplement. In that case, supplementation becomes a waste of money.

For example, if whey protein is taken at any time of the day, just as the “replacement” a meal, your body will most likely use it for energy and not for construction. If we take it at the time of day when the body needs to build it muscle size, then we hit a point and whey will fully perform its function, and it is building muscle.


Basic components of a typical stack for building muscle …

Whey protein

Whey Protein (whey) should be the basis from which each supplementation moving, whether it’s about building muscle or definition stage.

There are several types of whey protein: koncencentrat isolate and hydrolyzate. They differ in the proportion of whey protein as well as in the content of fat and lactose.

The concentrate is the cheapest, contains the most fat and lactose, and has a 70-80% protein.

Isolate is a cleaner form of concentrates. It contains about 90% protein and lower in fat and lactose. Mostly it is “digested” but faster than concentrate leads to muscle.

When hydrolysates were partially broken connection between amino acids making it the fastest-digestible form of whey.

At that time of day should take whey protein? Whey is taken when the body was hungry for a long time or after a big effort, or the time of day when cortisol (catabolic hormone principal) at the highest level. This means that we take as whey protein component of breakfast (after a night of sleep) and / or after training with weights.

Carbohydrates with a high GI (glycemic index)

Training with weights has resulted in spending glycogen stores in the muscles, so it is important for the purpose of recovery after a workout to rebuild those reserves.

The combination of dextrose (glucose) and maltodextrin in a ratio of 50/50 is optimum for reconstruction glycogen stores, but will itself dextrose well do the task. What time taking carbohydrate supplementation is concerned, from the above, it is understandable that UH taken immediately after training with the load.

Why is after the training needed to enter carbs with a high GI? When you enter such a UH pancreas release insulin, which “opens the door” to the station and then a variety of molecules can enter the cell. For the person who wants to build muscle, the most important molecules such as proteins that build muscle and carbohydrates that muscles are used as energy.

However, it said “doors” are open to all molecules so they can enter and unwanted molecules, such as fats. For this reason, as a source of carbohydrates can not (unfortunately many) used eg. Cakes.


Unlike whey protein that is quickly digested and quickly raises the level of amino acids, casein is slowly digested. It raises the level of amino acids slowly and evenly. The supply of amino acids immediately and runs constantly through approximately 7 hours. Thus acts anticatabolic, unlike whey protein that acts anabolic but not anticatabolic (the reason is that whey rapidly rising levels of amino acids, but she soon followed by the fall and is not fixed).

Due to these properties of casein, it is taken at bedtime to help during this time the body had a constant stream of amino acids.


The most important thing is to choose a high quality Creatine monohydrate and do the filling phase. You should then use Creatine in the day as specified and then we will benefit most out of Creatine.

The above supplements are the cornerstone of quality supplementation to gain muscle mass. Each with its useful features served by one road segment toward the goal of building quality muscle tissue, but only their combination we achieve maximum impact.

Of course, this list can be amended because the industry is constantly coming out with new products that find place in athletes of different affinities. In the end, each of us there is a private individual, a set of different genes that determine whether we respond to a specific supplementation is better or worse.

So, if you want the best results in building muscles, start and stick to the above basis. When you add some further supplements, it is important that you add them one by one because you knew what certainly be able to tell which one of you has more and which less effect.


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