Kangoo Jumps

The Kangoo jumps are actually a famous brand that is known for the safe mobile rebound exercise.

These shoes are apt for cross-training activities. They were earlier meant for the recovering athletes where the prototypes of the sprung boots were used. These sprung boots were used as a solution for athletes to avoid injuries. Since they are designed for all ages and for all kinds of fitness levels the design has become a huge success. Apart from this, the boots also provide many other added health benefits.

Since the redesigning started happening in the 90s, the ultimate invention now has become the result of extended product development which is both fun and safe to use.

kangoo jumps training class

The concept

The initial motto was to increase comfort by modifying the design and enhancing the performance. This resulted in the fitness programs which formed part of the Kangoo Jumps Fitness programs. The boots which were initially developed in the year 1994 was mainly used for the purpose of recreational sports. They were available for both adults as well as for kids. Right from that time, many other models have hit the market with new technologies each time. The latest models were designed to use for heavier people and for proficiency athletes.

How do they work?

There is a patented system that is used as part of the technology to improve the efficiency of the shoe. To absorb the shock of the steps taken by the athlete, this patented system will act as a compressor.  As a result, there will not be any damage caused to the joints. Since the sole of the shoe from the right to the left side is flat the user will be completely safe throughout the work out session. There will be stability provided throughout and this applies to all forms of workout.

kangoo jumps

The applications

  •         Weight loss – This shoe is commonly advertised for weight loss purposes. This is because it offers a low-impact setup that is biomechanically efficient.
  •         Running and jogging – In the initial days, the Kangoo shoes were mainly designed for people who go for running and jogging. The stress on the joints of the athletes will be reduced on impact with the help of these shoes. This will be useful for any runner who is cautious and is a serious jogger.
  •         Rebound – The rebound exercises concentrate on the reduction of body fat and in toning of the body. Apart from this increased agility and strengthening of the muscles are part of it. The fat firming also happens through this exercise. Anaerobic workout for the heart is achieved through exercise. Since the use of Kangoo jumps will help in increasing the gravity load on the body there is the strengthening of the muscles which happens at the end. It also helps in the protection of joints in cases of fatigue, which happens when the exercise is done on hard floors.


The Kangoo jumps are also known to alter supination as well as pronation in the long run.