The Importance of Music on Your Workout Routine
Music has been an integral part of human culture ever since prehistory. People would improvise with various instruments according to the then-available technology. From simple drums to modern electronic keyboards, the experience is still similar. Music has always been played for entertainment, as a social experience, and often as a didactic tool. It has immense benefits for humans, who seem to be ‘primed’ for rhythm and pleasant sounds. It is therefore no wonder that music can have a major impact on the way we exercise.
Essential Juices for Your Workout Routine
Working out can be darned difficult, but it always pays off. Whether you’re doing cardio or strength exercises, you’re doing your body a favor. That’s why it’s important to optimize your workout routine to be the most efficient as possible, in order to reap maximum benefits. Juices can help. They provide you with plenty of
Lean and Mean Physique
Even if it`s still winter, and a lot of people are bulking, maybe even you, but you can shock your body with some lean tips. Maybe you aren’t in bulking phase, and just wanting to look better. These few tips will help you to become lean and mean machine, and look better than ever. Read
8 Tips for Bulking: Training, Food & Supplements
Winter season – bulking season When the winter comes, not only that is colder, we stay more inside, and eventually the snow will fall. For the gym crew and bodybuilding enthusiasts fall/winter means, bulking season. That means that a lot of people are trying to get as much mass gain as possible, but not always
Spartan Race – How to Prepare and Finish It
When I was new to fitness and gym, I have came across something called “Spartan race”. I was 17 and I live in a small country in Europe, so the nearest race was a 600 miles away, I didn’t have my driving license and didn’t have company to go with. Fast forward 3 years, I
Pre and Post Workout Nutrition
What to eat before & after workout? If you are new to working out and fitness lifestyle, maybe you don’t know that nutrition is the key to good results. Meals around your workout session are most important meals you’ll have. Pre workout meal will give you the energy required for your workout session and post