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Almost traditionaly,  FIT BOUNCE delivers quality, and this one is no different.

It’s their top model of rebounder featuring 40″ in diameter of 40 inches, making it a great choice for an all kinds of workout sessions in the comfort of your home.

Weight limit: 300lbs

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Product Description

FIT BOUNCE PRO – Best Seller – folding, high quality rubber rope mini trampoline incl. carrying bag and jump counter

Extremely robust and with very soft suspension, the quietest rebounder on the market, very similar to JumpSport Model 350.

  • 40″ in diameter, half collapsible rebounder for easy storage and assembly, incl. special safety hinges. The legs have a strong spring mechanism which makes it possible to fold them out and in within seconds. This represents an enormous advantage over the old-fashioned screw legs, as the device can be stowed away quickly after each use and reassembled just as quickly if necessary.
  • Includes a sturdy carrying bag for easy transport and can be used barefoot, in socks or with sports shoes.
  • Includes a special jump counter to measure the jumps taken in each workout!

Frame and legs.

The frame is about 40″ wide and can be folded into a semicircle. A spring-loaded mechanism is integrated into the legs, allowing each leg to be folded out more quickly than by hand.
The trampoline is delivered assembled but folded. A helper might be useful when opening the rebounder for the first time..

Bungee Springs.

There are a total of 30 ropes with a thickness of 8 mm. This makes the model significantly quieter than its competitors and does not squeak in use. These bungee cords are a lot safer than springs and provide a better bounce that puts even less stress on your joints and bones, it really does feel effortless. Special bungee rubber rope spring system stretches further than metal springs and slows you down to a wonderfully soft, quiet landing on the mat, and there is total of 30 high quality rubber springs, which store the energy that was absorbed during deceleration (landing) and release it again during the acceleration of the jump. This creates a feeling of weightlessness at the height of the jump, such as hovering and effortless jumping.

The jumping sheet partly covers the ropes at the edge. The edge cover is slightly transparent. The outer edge is yellow. In the middle of the otherwise black jumping sheet you can see a writing of FIT BOUNCE PRO and a figure. In addition to the jump device, the package also includes a carrying bag and a jump counter. The model can be loaded with up to 300 lbs (120 kg).


  • bungee spring suspension, very quiet, including bag and jump counter


  • hard to fold


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