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Skybound Cirrus

Skybound is an American sports company producing trampolines and spring nets. The number of trampoline models in their portfolio is small, but it’s neatly done. They usually offer high quality products at moderate prices. Read our review to find out whether the Cirrus fits into this description…

Weight limit: 220 lbs.

Size: 15ft

Shape: Round

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Product Description

Skybound Cirrus Review

The Cirrus is a mid-range to upper mid-range 14 ft. trampoline. As such, it is suited for larger yards and deeper pockets. From looking at it, you can see that it’s a bit more upscale. There’s that futuristic look with curved enclosure poles and light blue accents that ensure it still looks fresh. It’s imposing, but approachable.  

skybound cirrus trampoline


The trampoline is kept stable with 6 W-shaped legs. They are made of sturdy and thick steel, and didn’t buckle under pressure: The trampoline was stable even during vigorous bouncing. Because of that we are unsure as of why this trampoline has such a pitiful weight limit of only 220 lbs. The frame is further power-coated to help with rust; rain should not present much of a problem. The joints are machine-welded and there isn’t a lot of give in the trampoline.


The trampoline is easy to enter and exit thanks to a zippered enclosure netting. But you don’t get any ladders though. The mesh is tightly woven and even smaller fingers won’t get tangled in it. The enclosure poles are curved to help prevent collisions with them. Even if they occur, a layer of soft padding will ensure there are no consequences.

The safety netting attaches to the spring clips near the mat. That means that the springs are outside the enclosure protected by the mesh. There is less risk of contacting the springs, and that risk is further reduced with safety pads that go around the springs.

Mat & Pads

The polypropylene mat is thick and made with quality stitching. Both the mat and the pads have a UV-resistant coating which supposedly lets you leave them outside with no ill effects. Well, the Sun is a force to be reckoned with, but you should get a couple of years before they start to deteriorate.

The two-layer pad comes with an antibacterial coating that helps keep germs away from the trampoline. It is thick enough. The Cirrus comes with a shoe bag for jumpers to leave their footwear before getting onto the trampoline.

Springs & Bounce

The number of springs – 72 – is about average for a trampoline of this size. However, they are of better quality. While most other trampolines feature 5.5 inch springs, these springs are longer – at 7 inches – and provide a springier and higher bounce. They are more coiled than other springs, further ensuring better elasticity. The overall experience is much better and more pleasant.

The springs are golden in colour, a product of zinc-coating for extra reliability against corrosion and rust. The manufacturer’s claims that they are 1.5 times more bouncy could be considered as stretching the truth, but not by much. There is 147 sq. ft. (13.66 m2) of jumping surface.

Assembly & Warranty

The assembly is very simple and easy; we were impressed by it, especially considering the size of this thing. It won’t take more than two hours, and you get all the tools in a box. Much of it is already pre-installed in a way, and you won’t need a screwdriver; the so-called ‘push-pin’ system is there to put your mind at ease. Some screws could be a tad longer, though, as they can be a tight fit.

The customer service is helpful, and warranty claims can be processed online. The springs come with a 1 year warranty, just like the net, while the mat is under a 2-year warranty. The frame is good for at least 10 years.

The Cirrus is a quality trampoline marketed at a moderate price. The design choices have been carefully made and it all makes sense. The bounce is phenomenal for a mid-range trampoline, as well as safety and design. It’s a neat package that we would recommend to anyone. The only issue is the low rated weight limit at 220 lbs. – enough for any jumper, of course, but we feel the trampoline could withstand at least 300 (we’ve had obviously worse trampolines on review and even they did more) – this is likely just an overcautious manufacturer. If the limit does not bother you, this is a good choice. If you want an even more premium experience, take a gander at the Skybound Stratos, their top-of-the-line model. 



  • Great quality
  • Design
  • Bounce


  • Too few accessories
  • Low weight limit



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