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Skybound Stratos

The Stratos is the top model in the Skybound trampoline line-up. We were very happy with their other cloud-based trampolines, the Cirrus and the little brother Atmos, so we were eager to try out the largest trampoline they have, the 15 ft. Skybound Stratos. Our impressions? Let’s find out! 

Weight limit: 330 lbs.

Size: 15ft

Shape: Round

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Product Description


Whether you dislike the black and orange color scheme or not, you have to admit that the trampoline is a real eye-catcher with its imposingly high enclosure and astounding 12 enclosure poles. Yes, while others have 5 or 6 at most, this baby sports 12. If you manage to fit this in your yard, expect it to be the first thing your guests will see. Good or bad? Up to you to decide. 


The frame is mane of powder-coated, high grade galvanized steel with reinforced joints. Basically, this means it’s more resistant to corrosion and rust. The Stratos is surprisingly stable thanks to its 6 legs that are a tad slanted for extra “grip” with the surface.


The safety rating of this trampoline is excellent. Its 12 poles aren’t there just for show; they keep the netting strong and tight all around the trampoline, thus cushioning and absorbing any impact forces. Because the poles are curved outwards, there is minimal risk of striking the poles while bouncing; but even if you do, they are covered in soft layer of foam.

The enclosure mesh is even sturdier than on the Skybound Cirrus, with 120 g/m2 density. There’s no way you could slip through the net or tear the seams by jumping, it’s that good. The entrance is zippered, but fairly narrow, so it’s a bit difficult to enter if you’re very tall. The springs are located outside of the enclosure space; you cannot touch them while bouncing.

Mat & Pad

Both the mat and the pad are UV-resistant. The pad features a blend of PVC outer shell and softer foam. It’s the weakest part of the trampoline, like with many others, but should still give you over a year of useful lifetime. The mat, obviously, is more heavy-duty. The padding is about 2 centimetres thick – not the best, but it will do.

Springs & Bounce

Now this is where things get interesting. There’s LOTS of fun with this trampoline, it’s just that bouncy. The springs are crazy long at 8.5 inches and there’s 108 of them! We couldn’t believe the stats at first but when the trampoline arrived our doubts were cleared. The springs are golden in colour thanks to zinc treatment they get – to help them fight rust and corrosion – and look pretty too.

The bounce is high, responsive and very smooth. There is a 330 lbs. weight limit, but there have been issues with the trampoline bottoming out in some cases with more corpulent individuals, so don’t go overboard. This will be a non-issue for most users.

Installation & Warranty

The proprietary Skybound’s installation system has been honed to perfection. All the tools are included, and the installation is done in a jiffy. Well, more like two hours, if you catch our drift. Most parts fit snugly and easily, without the need for screwdrivers, but a hammer could be helpful. The instructions are clear and easy to understand, with diagrams and explanations (though vague at times). Take care when transporting the boxes the trampoline comes in. They’re very bulky, about 200 lbs.

The warranty is good, if a bit complicated. You get 10 years on the frame, 2 years on the mat, a year on the springs and the netting and 6 months on the pads. The customer service is consistently good and responsive. Replacement parts are readily available.


As you can see, we were pleasantly surprised with this trampoline. It offers a good glimpse of premium quality at a high, but comparatively modest price. Let us explain: the trampoline is expensive. However, the Vuly Thunder or the Springfree trampolines cost 2-3 times more, and don’t present as good value as the Stratos. Yes, there is a price premium over the midrange trampolines, but you do get much more. This is the sweet spot between premium quality and manageable price for those customers who want quality without breaking the bank. 

You won’t get many accessories with this (they need to be bought separately), detracting a little from the attractiveness of the package. However, it’s a very safe and super fun trampoline that we heartily recommend. If you’d like something cheaper, the Cirrus or the Jumpsport trampolines are worth a shot.


  • Build quality
  • High bounce
  • Safe
  • Looks good
  • Easy assembly


  • No accessories

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