Pilates – Include In The Daily Training Routine

Pilates – why include it in the daily training

With the arrival of exercises on our premises, checked in quite a boom and a run on the “new” exercise program. All of a sudden left shoes and resorted to the “new” exercise because it is a hit in the world, thus dealing with actresses and they all look fantastic! True, there is something special in this program, will agree all who try it!


The founder of Pilates is a German Joseph H. Pilates. He, through his work practitioners approach on two principles, that are fitness training principle and the principle of rehabilitation.

Through rehabilitation teaches patients how to maximize your body and specific exercises to bring the body part that is injured or imbalance in the function.

Fitness Pilates involves recreational exercise which meets certain rules and principles of the techniques of Pilates. Pilates love dancers, ballerinas, and all who love the elegant, controlled and properly executed movements. There are stereotypes, especially among the male population that Pilates slow to just “lying on the floor,” and that they “are those exercises with pilates ball.” But Pilates is much more than that!

There are various derivatives of classical Pilates. So are we so famous programs: cardio pilates, body pilates, power pilates, etc. The foundation and base remain the same: a controlled movements, exercises that simultaneously strengthens one, and stretches the other muscle groups, and the maximum catalytic activity.

By type of Pilates training, we can distinguish between following:

  • Stott Pilates machines (like the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair)
  • group training with a variety of props (large balls, belts, rings, rollers)
  • individual Pilates training


Individual Pilates training

Individual approach is most effective because the Trainer maximum focus on your exerciser, its needs and objectives and the possible distortions and ailments, and are therefore much faster and the results are visible.
Pilates as a complement to strength training

Pilates training is a good complement to strength training or workouts at the gym, everyone will agree that they were forced or who have tried it out of curiosity.

Training in the gym is mainly carried out in order to increase muscle mass, decrease in subcutaneous fat or improve endurance, but with minimal emphasis on flexibility and stretching muscles. It is this strength is an important factor in shaping the muscles and increase mobility hinge system. They allow us to better muscle function, reducing the acidity or muscle fiber in response to training, but also reduce pain critical parts of the locomotor system – neck, shoulder girdle, spine, hips and / or knees.


For most of the male population, because of the constitution, there is a problem with flexibility. Substituting Pilates workout or Pilates exercise into daily practice, we can achieve much in terms of increasing mobility and range of motion when performing certain exercises of power.

Proper breathing

Breathing technique is extremely important, and makes it a full breath and full exhalation which is done oxygenation and gas exchange from the bottom of the lungs.

Proper breathing acts to increase the degree of universal health because it energizes and invigorates the whole body system. Breathing helps exercisers to increase the flow of oxygen that reaches the “smooth muscle”, stimulating blood flow and circulation, which relaxes and stimulates the internal organs, especially the liver and heart.


Pilates training

The fitness centers are group programs and the vast majority has pilates or some kind of Pilates in their offer. Few know that the top athletes have included Pilates into your training schedule. Unilateral sports (eg, tennis, badminton, handball or similar sports) who have emphasized the dominance of one side of the body, using pilates and specific exercises for stretching and strengthening of the dominant hand and the other, non-dominant hand.

Whether it is related to rehabilitation or recreation, in Pilates you will have fun and exercise in a completely different way.

Try it and see for yourself!