Top 5 Progressive Pilates Workouts

Pilates – TOP 5 Progressive Exercises You Should Try

When we mention the word Pilates, usually we think of exercising with a large ball and a number have already seen, a bit boring exercises. Imagine Pilates that is fun, challenging and unpredictable! Did you know that in Pilates you can use various props, and very often you exercise without any additional equipment?

This is a Progressive Pilates program that represents a dynamic functional training, which increases stamina and contributes to the reduction of subcutaneous fat.

progressive pilates

It includes exercises in standing position and the matwork, but the very essence of the program consists of changes of rythm and  transition from exercise to exercise, with a series of new variations, as well as the use of various props (weights from half to two pounds, tape, large and small balls, rings, rods, rollers, half ball …).

Progressive Pilates implements and other elements of the training techniques (yoga, strength training, balance and flexibility), subjecting them to Pilates principles, which includes many new variations of exercises.

It can be performed  by participants of all levels of fitness, especially those who seek constant challenges.

Advantages of Progressive Pilates programs:

  • improve fitness and contributes to the reduction of subcutaneous fat,
  • multiplies the strength, mobility and flexibility of the body,
  • increases muscle endurance,
  • improves balance, agility (movement) and coordination
  • reduces the risk of sports injuries

Below are five displays of ProgressivePilates® workouts and a brief description of each:

Pyramid with an outstretched leg


Pyramid and its variations, is very often used as a transition from exercises in Stojčeva in practice on the ground and vice versa. Primary is taken from yoga and stretching while the front and back of the body.

Push up position


Exercise forces with a number of variations such as pushups, criss cross, the alternate lifting one leg or arm … It is useful for developing muscular strength, endurance and balance on his own body weight.

Double leg stretch with ribbon


Fundamental Stott Pilates exercise with an elastic band, which, for example. changing breathing patterns, and the change of pace achieved in physical shape training component without losing quality movement.

Squat with a reduced base of the palm on the ball


This exercise is one of the more complex movement structures that perform a squat with one foot on the ball, which increases its intensity while performing bicep curls with weights increases coordination.

Scale with ring


Exercise balance that simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body and requires extreme concentration to achieve a lasting balance.


Try pilates in a different design that creates a secure, dynamic and creative training with the use of more diverse equipment.