Master Cleanse Detox Program

The most popular detoxification program

Smoking, alcohol, poor diet are some factors for which we ultimately do not feel good. Also adversely affect our appearance, health, skin, hair, nails, and body weight. As during winter we feel natural desire for heavier food, so in the summer mainly body craves lighter and more refreshing food.

The selection of certain food type will help us to get our body moving , speeding up the metabolism in the body. Here are some detoxification program that can help you feel lighter and livelier and slightly relax the body.

Ten Day Detox Program

Called the Master cleanse, based on sipping lemonade combined with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Promises to detoxify the body and address those few extra pounds. Includes three days starting and ending points.


Master cleanse

Step 1 – a three-day preparatory period

It consists of ejection processed food. So there is no entry no finished and semi-finished products. Most of these products contain various preservatives and flavor enhancers. Also includes discharge of dairy products and meat. It boils down to intake of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, stews and soups. Role is to prepare the body 10 diet, in order to avoid a shock to the body.

Step 2 – a ten-day detoxification

The next 10 days are sipping lemonade in the house ready by this recipe:

  • 2 tablespoons squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder
  • 250 ml of filtered (or boiled) water

Maple syrup is there to soften the acidity and add a certain amount of calories. Sipping lemonade immediately after the ready and every time you feel hungry. The daily drinks between 6-12 glasses or more if you feel the need. Depending on the need to recommend the use of herbal laxatives to help empty the bowels.

Step 3 – a three-day period output

It boils down to slowly introduce more complex food to the digestive system and peristalsis re-launched.

48 hour plan doctor Oz

The goal is to clean the kidney, colon, and liver with the help of a plan that includes drinking fruit juices and consumption of healthy foods.

During the program should follow a few basic rules:

  • no food intake after 19:00 pm
  • relax in Epsom hydrochloric bath (bath with salts of magnesium sulfate – Dissolve 500 g of Epsom salts in several liters of boiling water and a bath. Pampering is 15 minutes and do not use the soap, as it alleviates the effect of salts)
  • before bedtime drink up dandelion root tea.


Tea made from the root of the dandeliondandelion-root-tea

The tea is prepared by mixing 30 g of dried with 60 g of fresh dandelion root and pour mixture of 2.5 ml of water into which you put a pinch of salt. Once the liquid is boiled, simmer for another 20 minutes. Content then strain the tea slowly drink up.


The plan also includes a shopping list of foods for a period of cleaning: rice and almond milk, juices pomegranate and pineapple, water, spices (nutmeg, sea salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, mint, oregano and parsley), flaxseed and olive oil, quinoa and chia seeds and various fruits and vegetables (ginger, prunes, pineapple, kale, lemons, blueberries, bananas, onions, celery, anise, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, cabbage, sauerkraut, apples, radicchio and peas).

From the pages of Dr. Oz, you can still download detailed recipes for preparing meals for 48 hour cleaning schedule.


Most other plans for detoxification which you can find on the net requires you purchase the entire set of supplements that would help you with that. The objective of detoxification is removal of toxins from the body: kidney, liver, colon, lymph, and the like, and then input nutritious food to body recovered. Detoxification is recommended once a year, people who feel fatigue, allergies have irritated skin and the like.

In addition to varied prescription plans in advance you can also do some cleaning method after which you will simply feel better. Cut out alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and trans fats, processed food and finished and semi-finished products.

Below are a few ideas:

1. Easy fruit – vegetable detox

Lasts 2-3 days and include consumption of fruits and vegetables. You can eat all the fresh or lightly cooked vegetables and juices. Avoid adding salt, sugar, butter, or other seasonings.

fruit vegetable detox

2. Smoothie Detox

It lasts a week. Smoothies provide nutrients but do not burden the digestive system. They’re preparing to whisk fruits and various vegetables in a blender. The basic recipe includes a glass of milk (preferably soy, rice or other milk other than animal origin), a cup of fresh or frozen fruit and protein powder, or a variety of sprouts, flax seeds, vitamin C, and the like.

smoothie detox

3. Fruity Detox

It lasts 3-5 days and is not recommended for people with higher caloric needs. It boils down to drinking fruit and vegetable juices without any additives. In addition to juices into account the soup or stew.

fruit detox

4. Hypoalergenic detox

Indigestion may be a result of certain foods that our bodies do not respond. Ejecting common allergens or intoleransa from the diet, and again gently introduce and monitor response will help us determine which foods should throw out food or consumed in smaller quantities.

Gluten, lactose, eggs, peanuts, soy and sugar are some of the foods. After a seven-day cleansing is gradually being introduced one by one food every few days and monitor the reaction of the body.


All detox plans include the emptying of food full of preservatives, colorings, flavorings and flavor enhancers and very greasy and heavy food. It is usually recommended in the spring or summer when the body grazing lighter food.

However, what is most important, after any kind of detoxification, it is important to continue to moderate, balanced and nutritionally rich food. Entering vegetables every day, moderate alcohol consumption, avoiding cigarettes, food preparation in your own home is something that you need to deal with my whole life.

Detoxification is a temporary refreshment, a proper diet is a way of life. If good food and exercise and take care of yourself, detoxification will not help. But if you want to start with something and you need a boost, detoxification can be a good introduction to the changes.

Before you start, you must keep in mind that detoxification is not recommended for pregnant women or people seriously impaired health. Those with increased caloric needs should also pay attention to the calorie intake.