Lean and Mean Physique
Even if it`s still winter, and a lot of people are bulking, maybe even you, but you can shock your body with some lean tips. Maybe you aren’t in bulking phase, and just wanting to look better. These few tips will help you to become lean and mean machine, and look better than ever. Read
8 Tips for Bulking: Training, Food & Supplements
Winter season – bulking season When the winter comes, not only that is colder, we stay more inside, and eventually the snow will fall. For the gym crew and bodybuilding enthusiasts fall/winter means, bulking season. That means that a lot of people are trying to get as much mass gain as possible, but not always
Spartan Race – How to Prepare and Finish It
When I was new to fitness and gym, I have came across something called “Spartan race”. I was 17 and I live in a small country in Europe, so the nearest race was a 600 miles away, I didn’t have my driving license and didn’t have company to go with. Fast forward 3 years, I
All you need to know about HIIT
HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training The more and more popular type of training is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). There is a lot of hype about it but not so much information about it. I have been using HIIT for a long time, I didn’t have too much patience for siting on a stationary
Pre and Post Workout Nutrition
What to eat before & after workout? If you are new to working out and fitness lifestyle, maybe you don’t know that nutrition is the key to good results. Meals around your workout session are most important meals you’ll have. Pre workout meal will give you the energy required for your workout session and post
TOP 5 Standing Yoga Balance Exercises
5 Standing Yoga Exercises which Improve Balance Balance exercises help with balance, coordination and conscientious. By performing them regularly you can improve agility while decreasing possibility of injuries in normal daily activities. Tree, Eagle, Warrior III, Half-moon and Dancer represent yoga balance exercises which will definitely improve balance, strengthen and stretch your body and make
Best Equipment for Home Workout
Best equipment for home based training. When it comes to working out, most people think first, gym, running. First thoughts are one of those two, but you can do a lot if you work out at home, but you’ll need some equipment. This article is all about how and why to use some of the
Bellabeat “Leaf” Activity Monitor
Tracking you daily activities with Smart Monitor has never been so stylish but easy as with "Bellabeat Leaf" Smart Jewelry, newest gadget made for Women!!
Successful Diet Plans – Tips For Beginners
Going on a diet? Read our “Tips for Beginners” and succeed from first try! A lot of people are trying to get fit and to lose weight in this time of the year, and they start with diet they have found online or diet that someone has recommended them. First couple of weeks it’s fine,
10 Pro Tips to Lose Fat
Summer is coming close so better hury to get your body into shape. Following our 10 tips to successful fat loss will help you with this problem.